Compact and ultra-precise MSLA 3D printer for both beginners and professionals. Completely open source.

Image of the Oliver 3D printer


Oliver uses a mask stereolithography technology (MSLA) to create detailed and precise objects. UV light is shined through a mask and then absorbed by a photopolymer resin. This liquid resin solidifies when exposed to strong UV light. The object gets build layer by layer.

Such process has several advantages compared to traditional FDM machines, namely increased precision, speed and reliability.


Oliver has XY plane resolution of 47.25 microns (thanks to 2K LCD  – Sharp LS055R1SX03) and Z axis resolution of 25 microns. This is way more precise than any consumer FDM 3D printer.


Thanks to MSLA technology Oliver can print one layer in just 20 seconds[1].

[1] – Using Anycubic resin with 80 micron layer height

UV LED array


Despite being an amateur device, Oliver was designed to be a reliable workhorse. We have developed custom electronics and cooling system to improve reliability. Aditionally, most parts are easily swappable.


Calibration mechanism

Calibration mechanism

Calibration mechanism



inner componentry


Oliver board

Oliver board with raspberry pi

Get one yourself

Oliver is a non-commercial project (published under CC BY-NC 4.0 licence) and is not being sold as a standalone kit. You will need to get all parts by yourself. All parts costs roughly 720 USD. We have written a comprehensive manual and included all necessary files in one package you can download below:

By makers, for makers

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